Capevest Advisors provides Owner’s Representation project management services to property owners and tenants focused on organizing their project’s acquisition, design and construction.

The firm is active throughout the NYC Metro area, Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Owner’s Representation Project Management Services provides Improved Risk Mitigation, informed Decision Making & Greater Peace of mind

Navigating your project’s path to success with expert guidance


Communication & Accountability


Project Budget & Schedule


Quality and Assurance


Project Management Plan (PMP)


Activation & Execution


Risk & Stakeholder Management

Our Role

As your Owner Representative, we look out for the Owner’s best interest.

Our goal is to make sure the progress of your construction stays on track, remains on schedule and within the approved budget. We will ensure that all project team members are aligned with your objectives and goals and are actively working towards achieving them. We will work together to identify project issues and present you with the facts in order for your making informed decisions, quickly

Our Approch

Our approach is collaborative, and one which provides accountability to all project team members.

We focus our project approach on understanding the Owner’s goals and objectives and confirming that all project team members are working towards achieving them. Applying this approach, we become an extension of the Owner’s staff to assist in making informed decisions as the project progresses from concept through to completion and close-out.

Our Owner’s Rep Process

As your Owner’s Representative, we have the project experience and expertise to look out for your best interests an efficiently guide you through all project phases – from inception, planning and design to construction, completion and close-out.

Essentially, we provide the road map from project start to project finish to successfully deliver your project.
We start by building an understanding of your project’s goals and objectives. We then coordinate with all the team members of your project team, assuring everyone understands your objectives and is actively focused on your priorities and the successful completion of your project. As your advocate, we will ensure your project progresses efficiently, all team members are engaged at the right time, contractual deliverables are met and your investment is maximized.

Our Goal is Project Success

The success of any project is dependent on the critical attention to management of the project budget, schedule, quality and communication.

As your Owner’s Representative, One of our first tasks will be to develop/verify your project budget and schedule and determine if they are appropriate to deliver on the desired scope and meet the project goals and objectives. During this initial due diligence phase, we will identify the project drivers and project risks and establish the necessary controls and risk mitigation measures.